4M Trench Box

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Our most popular Trench Boxes are from the 4m range. These can be handled by a mid-range excavator and are therefore ideal for general construction and utilities contractors. The 4m box supports trenches of any depth up to the 60kPa working load limit.

Benefits of the 4m series

The box is a safe, versatile shoring solution, with steel construction and sound clearance under the bottom strut. Internal working widths of 0.6m to 4m can be achieved with heavy-duty pipe struts, enabling this box to be used as a dig and push trench box in loose soil conditions.

The 4-point lift system ensures safety and accuracy when installing by mid range excavator. Top extension units of 1.5m enable quick installation to full depth of shoring in all ground conditions.

Special features

The 4m trench box is part of our full range of box shoring systems including 3m trench boxes, 6m trench boxes and 3m manhole boxes. Full technical support is available. Other features include:

  • Can be used as a drag box
  • Working pressure up to 60kPa
  • Internal working width of 0.6m to 4.0m
  • Certified to Australian Standard AS 4744.1-2000 Steel Shoring and Trench Lining – Design


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