Pipe Testing

Pipe Testing for multiple scenarios

Shore Sales has your pipe testing needs covered because we sell an extensive range of testing equipment for the installation and repair of any type of piping.

Our pneumatic test plugs are designed using water, air or vacuum technology for:

  • Leak location
  • Bypassing
  • Flow control
  • Pipeline testing

Other common applications include utility residential, commercial and industrial piping systems installation, as well as testing and maintenance for sanitary and storm sewer pipe systems. Our stock is built for ruggedness, durability and flexibility, while maintaining ease of use.

Shore Sales’ ‘Big Mouth’ test plugs are particularly useful with multiple applications including gravity bypassing and bypass pumping, with the flexibility to also be used as blank or standard testing plugs.

Special features


With our pipe-testing products, you’ll enjoy the benefits of these features and more:

  • Muni-ball test plugs
  • Test kits
  • Mechanical plugs
  • High pressure pumps
  • Pipe cleaning balls
  • Leak locator plugs
  • Single size bypass plugs
  • High pressure plugs
  • Multi-size plugs
  • Deflection gauges
  • Single size high flow diverters
  • Multi flow diverters