Aluminium Shoring

Aluminium Shoring – the lightweight alternative

Our aluminium shoring options are proven to be the quickest, simplest and safest method of shoring a trench or excavation. These are a cost-effective solution contributing to savings on project budgets for our clients

Why use aluminium shoring?

Aluminium vertical shores work by supporting the sidewalls of a trench through the use of hydraulic pressure. Constructed from lightweight aluminium alloy, aluminium shores provide portability and strength advantages while also resisting cave-ins within all but the most unstable soil conditions.

This shoring solution can be typically be installed easily by a small team on top of a trench – ensuring safety and ease of use.

Aluminium shoring products

Shore Sales supplies three styles of Aluminium shoring products:

  • Vertishores         – A fast,simple and safe shoring solution
  • Shoring shields   – High strength extruded option
  • MAPS                   – Modular aluminium panel systems


Vertishores are a quick, simple and safe shoring alternative. Easily erected by one person beside th


The Shore Sales modular aluminium panel system is a convenient shoring system for light utility and