Waterfilled Barriers

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Our SH 2000 waterfilled barriers provide portable and robust barricades at construction and other sites, such as for sporting events and where any temporary protection from danger is required
When empty, waterfilled barriers are lightweight, making them easy to transport. They are quick and easy to install and pack up because their interlocking design requires no pins or parts, which means you can’t lose essential accessories while your barriers are in storage or during their transportation.
The sturdy pivot hinge system also allows the barriers to be positioned at curved or angled sites to maximise all available space for vehicle or pedestrian access.
Waterfilled barriers are commonly used for:

  • Safely marking boundaries between vehicles and pedestrians
  • Delineating slow-speed zones in and around construction sites
  • Diverting pedestrian and vehicle traffic at crowded events
    With built-in facilities for attaching mesh fencing and flashing lights, our waterfilled barriers provide flexibility in a range of situations, such as at night and in poor visibility.


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