Aluminium Shoring Shields

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Aluminium trench shields are a lightweight, high-strength shoring solution for plumbers, drainers and pipelayers on a range of maintenance, utility and construction jobs using smaller excavators, or where lifting constraints don’t allow steel trench boxes to be used.

Though lightweight, these reliable shields provide sturdy and effective support in trenches with three and four sides, and provide more under-strut clearance than has been possible previously.

Designed to ensure maximum personal safety, aluminium shoring shields are fast to set up and disassemble, using quick-connect pins and fittings. These popular shields are constructed from high-strength alloys with extruded sections providing dependable solid-wall security.

Benefits of aluminium shields

A range of savings in time and money are possible using this shoring product, such as:

  • Lightweight, extruded design means hand-assembly is possible in minutes
  • Handling, transportation and installation is more affordable than for steel alternatives
  • Suitability to common jobs using small excavators and rubber-tyred backhoes
  • Adjustable steel struts provide high clearance
  • Easy maintenance from foam-filled aluminium panels preventing water and dirt accumulation

    Designed for easy assembly, fitting and removal

    A most important advantage of using aluminium shields for suitable jobs is their convenience in portability due to an innovative design. Heavy-duty lifting ‘eyes’ allow easy handling during installation and removal. Static steel struts allow quick width adjustments when positioning the shields or moving them to new locations as work progresses. Smooth wall panelling reduces friction on removal and during packing and storing.




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