Sheet Piling

Sheet Piling Options

Sheet Piling is an ideal technique in many shoring environments and applications, including:

Trenching and water conservation

  • Dams

  • Dam cores

  • Coffer dams

Waterway constructions

  • Canal walls

  • Dock walls

  • Bulk heading

Erosion control

  • Check dams

  • Beach groynes

  • Cliff protection

Structural applications

  • Excavation

  • Retaining walls

  • Underpinning

  • Formwork

  • Bridge decks and piers

  • Jetties and docks

  • Causeways

  • The Shore Sales sheet piling technique has been widely used in Australian projects. Contact us to discuss your site’s needs with our team.




Trench Sheeting

Trench Sheeting Solutions

We sell a range of Trench Sheets designed for convenience and ease of use in trench work and shoring applications.

Why use Trench Sheeting?

Two profiles are available: SHS-330 trench sheet (3.5mm steel) and SHS-400 (6mm steel), both rolled from high-yield steel for high strength and durability and available in various lengths. In fact, we can supply profiles and lengths to suit any application – including engineered trench sheet solutions. Sheets are compatible with the full range of Shore Sales shoring systems, such as our trench boxes.

The simple lapping method of Shore Sales’ trench sheets allows the product to be re-used and repaired with ease through brake pressing in the event of damage while driving. A half clutch at one end allows for easy sheet guidance when installing.

Shore Sales’ reputation for reliability and our capacity for supply means our customers are never left wanting.

Aluminium Shoring

Aluminium Shoring – the lightweight alternative

Our aluminium shoring options are proven to be the quickest, simplest and safest method of shoring a trench or excavation. These are a cost-effective solution contributing to savings on project budgets for our clients

Why use aluminium shoring?

Aluminium vertical shores work by supporting the sidewalls of a trench through the use of hydraulic pressure. Constructed from lightweight aluminium alloy, aluminium shores provide portability and strength advantages while also resisting cave-ins within all but the most unstable soil conditions.

This shoring solution can be typically be installed easily by a small team on top of a trench – ensuring safety and ease of use.

Aluminium shoring products

Shore Sales supplies three styles of Aluminium shoring products:

  • Vertishores – A fast, simple and safe shoring solution

  • Shoring shields – High strength extruded option

  • MAPS – Modular aluminium panel systems



Propping systems for every construction site

Shore Sales has assembled a range of propping solutions to cover countless applications in the building and construction sector. We stock one of Australia’s most complete propping product ranges, with high quality equipment and components fit for every purpose.

Our products have been widely used in projects across Australia and are the first choice of many industry professionals.

Propping products for sale

Below is an overview of our range of props and their uses:

  • Acrow props – to back propping and roof supports

  • Titan props – suited to back propping, building propping and bracing walls

  • Multi props – suited to back propping, roof supports and building propping

  • Shore 100 – suited to back propping, roof supports and bridge supports

  • Trishore props – suited to back propping and roof supports

  • Shore 1000 – suited to back propping, roof supports and bridge supports



Pipe Lasers and Level Lasers save time onsite

Shore Sales’ powerful, compact level lasers and pipe lasers offer an innovative array of features and technology that are proven to meet the sort of rigorous conditions you’ll encounter onsite. Each unit is calibrated and contains features to improve site productivity and reduce downtime.

Shore Sales’ lasers are built to last, with rugged cast aluminium and waterproof housings allowing the use of powerful features and superior control without risk of damage from debris or elements, no matter the prevailing conditions.

Our products have been widely used in projects right across Australia and are the first choice for many construction industry professionals.

Laser products for sale

We supply:

  • Pipe lasers – for pipe laying and levelling

  • Level lasers – the ultimate all-round construction laser


Pipe Testing

Pipe Testing for multiple scenarios

Shore Sales has your pipe testing needs covered because we sell an extensive range of testing equipment for the installation and repair of any type of piping.

Our pneumatic test plugs are designed using water, air or vacuum technology for:

  • Leak location

  • Bypassing

  • Flow control

  • Pipeline testing

Other common applications include utility residential, commercial and industrial piping systems installation, as well as testing and maintenance for sanitary and storm sewer pipe systems. Our stock is built for ruggedness, durability and flexibility, while maintaining ease of use.

Shore Sales’ ‘Big Mouth’ test plugs are particularly useful with multiple applications including gravity bypassing and bypass pumping, with the flexibility to also be used as blank or standard testing plugs.

Special features

With our pipe-testing products, you’ll enjoy the benefits of these features and more:

  • Muni-ball test plugs

  • Test kits

  • Mechanical plugs

  • High pressure pumps

  • Pipe cleaning balls

  • Leak locator plugs

  • Single size bypass plugs

  • High pressure plugs

  • Multi-size plugs

  • Deflection gauges

  • Single size high flow diverters

  • Multi flow diverters



Industrial Hardware

Shore Sales carries a full range of industrial hardware to complement our extensive range of shoring and propping solutions.

You simply can’t undertake a shoring or propping exercise without some of these items, so we maintain a large supply for when clients need accessories at short notice.

Shoring hardware products for sale

We supply the following items to complement our shoring product equipment:

  • Steel road plates –for multiple onsite safety and access applications

  • Deck pins – High strength extruded option

  • Sand bags – to mitigate against flooding during inclement weather

  • Centre plate lifter –enabling safe and accurate lifting

  • Cold mix – to secure shoring equipment in place

  • Corflute liner – to protect various elements from onsite damage

    • Please get in touch if there is something your job requires that is not listed here and we will do our best to assist you.


Steel Shoring

Steel shoring solutions fit for any job

When you’re shoring trenches and excavations, safety is the top priority. Our range of steel trench boxes and manhole boxes give you the peace of mind you need. We have expertise to ensure you get the correct advice and the best quality equipment to fit your construction needs.

The individual products in our sales range have been tested time and again for their performance and efficiency on major building and restoration projects throughout Australia. You can be sure of the supply of reliable, durable and proven shoring systems to fitting the conditions of your future construction jobs and worksites.

Expert advice and quality service is only a phone call away. Contact us today and leave it to Shore Sales to provide a complete solution to keep your sites safe and your projects running to schedule.

Steel shoring products for sale

  • Trench boxes – 3m, 4m and 6m sizes available

  • Manhole box – the ideal small excavation support and compatible with trench boxes