Multi Props

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Multi Props provide a flexible and durable propping system with their low weight, high load capacity and integrated features making them versatile in a variety of construction applications.

Which jobs suit Multi Props?

Shore Sales’ aluminium Multi Props provide considerable durability advantages over steel tubing alternatives. The patented profile ensures a longer service life and dependability, not to mention the weight advantages during their transport and installation.

Multi Props provide a huge load capacity (up to 90kN) and flexibility – the MP 350, for example, can be extended from 1.95m to 3.50m with an overall weight of only 18.8kg.

Multi Props are a flexible propping method suitable for a range of applications, including hollow-core deck support, back propping and in tight access environments.

Special features

Multi Props offer the following key features to make your job easier:

  • Self-cleaning thread
  • Integrated measuring tape to guarantee accurate adjustments
  • Lightweight components
  • High load capacity


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