Multi Props

Multi Props provide a flexible and durable propping system with their low weight, high load capacity and integrated features making them versatile in a variety of construction applications.

Acrow Props

Acrow props are height-adjustable, temporary steel supports that enable a variety of secure propping techniques in a variety of construction environments.

Titan Props

Titan Props are a perfect temporary system for environments with limited space, difficult access or awkward manoeuvrability. If very high load-bearing, combined with easy handling is paramount to your job, titan props may be the ideal solution.

Shore 100 Props

The Shore 100 propping system is a highly flexible, high load-bearing solution for propping in horizontal and vertical applications, meeting the many high demands of today’s competitive construction industry.

Shore 1000 Props

Shore 1000 provides contractors with robust support and maximum versatility – giving you a highly customisable solution without the drawbacks of a fabricated structure.

Trishore Props

Trishore Props support heavy vertical loads at considerable heights and are therefore ideal for heavy-duty shoring and underpinning in a range of construction environments.