Industrial Hardware

Industrial Hardware

Shore Sales carries a full range of industrial hardware to complement our extensive range of shoring and propping solutions.

You simply can’t undertake a shoring or propping exercise without some of these items, so we maintain a large supply for when clients need accessories at short notice.

Shoring hardware products for sale

We supply the following items to complement our shoring product equipment:

  • Steel road plates – for multiple onsite safety and access applications
  • Deck pins – High strength extruded option
  • Sand bags – to mitigate against flooding during inclement weather
  • Centre plate lifter –enabling safe and accurate lifting
  • Cold mix – to secure shoring equipment in place
  • Corflute liner – to protect various elements from onsite damage
    • Please get in touch if there is something your job requires that is not listed here and we will do our best to assist you.

Sand Bags

Sand bags can be an essential device during excavations and trenching where you’re dealing with an

Cold Mix

Pre-mix high-performance cold mix helps ensure the safety of your crew by securing and reinforcing t

Corflute liner

Corflute lining sheets are perfect for protecting a huge range of elements on your construction site