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The Shore Sales modular aluminium panel system is a convenient shoring system for light utility and maintenance applications.

Why choose modular shoring?

This lightweight modular system is a versatile option that can be assembled by a two-person crew quickly and easily – giving you flexible shoring support, quickly.

Our customers use this panel system for its safety and ease of handling and installation. The MAPS system comprises modular panels, end-members and adjustable spreaders that are light enough for transport by a utility vehicle and able to be quickly configured to a range of two, three or four-sided applications, onsite efficiency is key to its success.

With this system it’s possible to configure your shoring to an exact size quickly and effortlessly while on the job. Stability is ensured by foam-filled, double walled panels.

Features of panel systems at a glance

Four features of panel-style shoring that make your job easier:

  • Ease of handling and installation – ultra light-weight
  • Foam filled, double walled aluminium panels
  • Rapid installation in a trench is possible using a rubber-tyred backhoe
  • Various width options are available using the adjustable screw jacks



    Vertishores are a quick, simple and safe shoring alternative. Easily erected by one person beside th