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Sturdy, lightweight Trak Mats protect construction and other surfaces against traffic damage. Non-absorbent and non-slip, they are designed to disperse mud and debris for the safe traction of rubber-tyred vehicles weighing up to 30 tonnes. Cut-out carry handles make Trak Mats easy to distribute across a worksite and quick to collect and pack up when no longer required. Multiple Trak Mats can be connected to cover a large area, using the provided accessories.

Trak Mats are designed for:


- Protecting grass and other sensitive ground coverings

- Providing non-slip vehicle access over sand and gravel

- Creating makeshift roadways or pathways during construction or at events

- Padding surfaces beneath utilities and general equipment

- Allowing safe and clearly marked pedestrian access

Please note: Trak Mats are not suitable for use with steel track machinery or vehicles.


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