Tilt Props

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Tilt propping refers to the portable systems used for shoring, bracing and aligning prefabricated concrete walls on construction sites.

Tilt props provide the high load-bearing capacity required to safely and efficiently support structures on site.

Shore Sales supplies tilt props – sometimes referred to as ‘push-pull props’ – in a variety of lengths and load-bearing capacities. Adjustable by extension and with fine alterations possible by an ACME thread design, their high strength-to-weight ratio allows safe and accurate installation.

Tilt prop specifications


Tilt propping and back propping are most commonly used for bracing concrete slab walls or other vertical structures during construction where the tilt-up technique is used during materials assembly.

Our props are available in five sizes, ranging in length from 1.0m to 10.1m, fully extended.

The props use a swivel-end design to accommodate any angle or slope. Each prop is clearly and permanently tagged with its working load capacity and a knee brace provides support during installation, for worker safety.

Please note: A two-prop minimum per panel is recommended for stability and safe load transfer.


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