Rumble Grids

Availability: Same Day
Portable Rumble Grids provide a driving surface that gently vibrates a moving vehicle to remove debris from its underside and dislodge dirt and mud from tyres. As well as providing a service to visiting vehicles on your site, rumble grids provide substantial savings in general cleaning time and costs. Positioned at exits, they keep roads and paths beyond the construction site’s boundaries clean and clear, reducing ongoing maintenance of these areas. Our rumble grids are safe, easy to use and clean, and require almost no maintenance.

Rumble Grids are designed to provide:


  • Reduced need for roadway clean-up on and offsite
  • Effortless vehicle tyre cleaning, reducing labour and waste water
  • Compliance with site environment and sediment control restrictions
  • Fast debris and mud removal from almost all mobile machinery


    Rumble Grids are available in 4000mm x 2150mm sections. Note: two units securely connected by pins provide full truck tyre rotation.



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