Steel Plate

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Steel road plates have a huge range of applications on a building site and you never know when they will come in handy. Steel plates are used for everything from driveway access for cars and large trench crossings for onsite traffic, to covering pits in roadways.

Safety first

Importantly, our steel plates are equipped with a centre-lifting device, promoting efficient and safe installation and removal and giving you complete control during lifting and placement. The use of the lifting device negates the need for manual handling or use of a crowbar, reducing the risk of workplace injury and ensuring adherence to workplace health and safety standards.

NON Slip

We also supply plates with approved anti slip/non-skid finishes and with holes to enable use as end plates.


Cold Mix

Pre-mix high-performance cold mix helps ensure the safety of your crew by securing and reinforcing t

Corflute liner

Corflute lining sheets are perfect for protecting a huge range of elements on your construction site

Centre Plate Lifter

Use of a proprietary lifter for your road plates helps ensure balance and control during lifting and

Deck Pins

Desk pins lock shoring pieces together for safety purposes – such as joining two sections of verti