3M Trench Box

Shore 3m Trench Box Series The 3m Series of Trench Boxes are lightweight, durable and available in two versions; a 30kPa and a 60kPa rated trench box.

Trench Boxes

Trench boxes are one of our most popular products and for a good reason: they’re dependable, simple to use and cost-effective in almost any trench application, whether you’re undertaking a small utilities job or laying large diameter pipes.

4M Trench Box

Our most popular Trench Boxes are from the 4m range. These can be handled by a mid-range excavator and are therefore ideal for general construction and utilities contractors. The 4m box supports trenches of any depth up to the 60kPa working load limit.

6M Trench Box

The 6m trench box is for large-scale excavations, providing maximum protection and high clearance.

Manhole Box 3 M

The Shore Sales Manhole Box is ideal for square excavations. The 3m works well with our trench box range, enabling you to accommodate wider trench support specifically at the manhole site without widening the entire trench